Simple Ways to Help Soothe Teething Pain – Baby Teething Relief

Teething can be a real nightmare for both baby and parents, making it important to look into different approaches to help soothe teething pain. Thankfully, there are a wide range of traditional and alternative remedies which can help alleviate the problem.

Soothe Teething Pain With Teething Rings, Ice, Chilled Spoon

A very simple way to relieve baby teething pain is to head to the local pharmacy or baby care store and pick up a teething ring. In 1,001 Home Health Remedies (Reader’s Digest), Browne et al. recommend placing the teething ring in the fridge to chill it and then letting baby chew it. The cool temperature helps to numb the gums, providing much-needed pain relief. However, do not place the teething ring in the freezer as this can potentially result in baby suffering frostbite.

Another convenient method involves wrapping ice up in muslin cloth and gently rubbing it over the baby’s gums. A cheaper alternative to buying a teething ring, as suggested by Browne et al., simply involves chilling a spoon in the fridge, then applying the round part of the spoon to the gums.

Relieve Teething Discomfort With Cold Food, Chamomile, Clove Oil

Simple baby teething relief can also be found in cold food and using various herbs to make soothing oils. Frozen banana is recommended as it thaws whilst it is being eaten and the coolness helps to soothe baby gums, while frozen small pieces of bagel help both numb and massage the gums.

Gums may also be soothed through combining clove essential oil with vegetable oil. Browne et al. also suggest using chamomile applied with a cotton wool bud twice daily. Chamomile oil has long since been recognised to have real soothing properties and will help both baby’s irritated skin and gums.

Further Self-Help for Baby Teething Pain

In addition to teething rings, cold food and herbal oils, further self-help approaches to relieve discomfort related to teething include the following:

  • Calgel – anesthetizing teething gel
  • Rubbing gums with soft toothbrush/clean baby flannel
  • Massaging baby gums
  • Providing extra comfort at this time – more cuddles, affection

As highlighted above, while some babies do not appear bothered by teething, for others it can be a really painful, distressing experience. Simple ways to treat this condition include using teething rings, frozen banana, ice, chamomile oil and massaging gums. Another option is to head to the pharmacy and purchase Calgel, which is an anesthetizing teething gel.


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